Rework station
  • Japan Unix
    Soldering Robot
  • Transition Automation
    long life Permalex metal squeegees
  • Fancort
    integrator of production solutions for electronics manufacturers
  • VI Technolegy
    AOI - Automatic optical inspection
  • Tagarno
  • Argon
    Masking - types, plugs and cups
  • Sincescope
  • Novatec
    Univelsal jig for SMT assembly

Head-Tech Engineering, was founded in 1994, and represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment and materials for the electronics industry, specializing in materials for board assembly.   Working in tandem with Head-Tech has given Tech-Knowledge a broad base of knowledge and expertise that maximizes its ability to provide solid know-how and broad service to its wide-ranging customers.

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